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Discover the broadest spectrum of copper braids of the market.
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Sunenergy System

It is a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of equipotential bonding, pre-assembled electrical and electronic wiring, as well as solutions for guiding and suspending them, electronic equipment and electrical panels. Everything focused on the renewable energy, railway and the industrial market.
All our products are backed by certifications that ensure the highest quality, both in manufacturing and in the treatment of materials. Additionally, we also offer a custom product manufacturing service for projects that require it.

Our services


We manufacture a wide variety and types of electrical wires and cables for electrical installations, solar panel connection wiring and cable guiding and suspension equipment.


We make sure each order arrives to destination in the fixed timing.


Our sales team has professionals who accompany and advise our clients in the purchase of products, according to the needs of each project.


We have a department specialized in improving the finishes of our products, the design of parts and their different coatings.

Maximum quality for our customers

The materials with which all our products are manufactured have European and international certifications that ensure the highest quality.

Why Suneneregy System?

We work hard to offer the best services

Personalized and close customer service.

Flexibility and ability to adapt to market needs.

Follow-up of projects and participation in their development jointly.

Our CE, UL, CSA, TUV, ROHS certifications.


Realization of customized products for special projects

High-performance connections, made of materials with international and European CPR certifications.

After sales service

Custom products

We manufacture our products adapting to the needs of each project.

Our products

Icono que simboliza conexiones equipotenciales

Equipotential bonding

Protect your installations against accidental electrical discharges.

Icono que simboliza conexiones solares

Solar energy systems

Comprehensive AC/DC connection solutions in PV installations.

Icono que simboliza cableado industrial

Industrial wiring

Design and manufacturing. Optimize assembly and improve your competitiveness.

Icono que simboliza sistemas de carriles y soportes

Rail systems and supports

Fixing systems and supports, for installations, with high resistance to corrosion.

Frequently asked questions


Sunenergy System,S.L. applies a zinc and nickel alloy coating to its products, which provides very good cathodic protection against corrosion and is applied by means of an alkaline electrolyte; it admits passivation, as well as sealants. ZnNi+SELL has many applications in many fields of industry, such as automotive, machine building, aeronautics, solar trackers, silos and greenhouses.

Examples of applications of this coating:

  • Threaded fastening elements for which high resistance to corrosion and thermal resistance are required, such as joints with temperature loads of up to 150ºC in the engine compartment of vehicles and brakes, as well as chassis joints.
  • Pipe joint accessories such as fittings, bushings, flanges and valves for hydraulic systems.
  • Applications of adhesion of rubber on metal. – Unions that require electrical conductivity. – Steel fasteners in contact with aluminium.

Quality certificates

Our products have obtained some of the most demanding quality certifications such as CE, Rosh, TUV, UL or ISO 9001.
The quality certificate is a mean of verifying the processes that one has developed for the preparation and/or production of its products and services, which certifies compliance with appropriate quality standards to be offered to our customers.