Sunenergy System


This junction box differs from other models with fewer terminals due to its components and manufacturing model. It has the following characteristics:
  • Box material: SABIC PPO (PX9406P) (f1) for outdoor engineering plastic, good weather fastness, flame class: UL94V-0.
  • Metallic material: (C1100) Pure copper, Cu+Ag CuAg: ≥ 99.90%, with excellent conductivity.
  • Seal Material: Dow Corning flame resistant silicone, features good weather fastness, anti-vibration, moisture resistance, anti-corrosion and thermostability.
  • Diode: Manufactured by Diotec from Germany for the photovoltaic module. Its electrical property is better than other similar products, especially with large current and high voltage
  • Tape Connection: Welding or clamping is reliable for tapes. The contact areas are larger and the contact resistance is smaller.
  • Diode connection: Diode contact areas with metals are larger, thermolysis is good.
Technical Specifications
Product: SY-JB5A.
Insulation material: PPO.
Rated Voltage: TUV 1000 DC/ UL 600V DC.
Rated Current: 3A-20A.
Joining of Ribbon: Soldering.
Test voltage: 6KV (50Hz, 1Min).
Contact material: copper, tin plated.
Contact resistance: less than 0.5m ohm.
Degree of protection: IP67.
Pollution Degree: 2.
Protection class: Clase II.
Flame class: UL94V-0.
Plug Force: less than 50N.
Withdrawal force: more than 50N.
Ambient temperature range: -40ºC ~+ 90ºC.
Pin dimension: 4.0mm.
Total Cable Length: 90cm.


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