Sunenergy System


The waterproof electrical solar connector is compatible with more than 800 solar module connectors. Easy, fast and reliable connection of solar cables to the photovoltaic system.

This model is suitable for most field installations.

Technical Specifications
Product: SY-CP4B.
Insulation material: PPO.
Rated Voltage: TUV 1000 DC/ UL 600V DC.
Rated Current: 20A-30A.
Test voltage: 6KV (50Hz, 1Min).
Contact material: cobre estañado.
Contact resistance: menor a 0.5m ohm.
Degree of protection: IP67.
Pollution Degree: 2.
Protection class: Clase II.
Flame class: UL94V-0.
Plug Force: menor a 50N.
Withdrawal force: mayor a 50N.
Ambient temperature range: -40ºC ~+ 90ºC.
Pin dimension: 4.0mm.


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