Sunenergy System


These cables apply to solar panels and are resistant to outdoor environment and sunlight. Manufactured with anti-deterioration and halogen-free flame retardant materials, making them safer and more resistant.

Cable features:

  • Standard: BS6004, IEC227.
  • Construction: Solid or stranded, annealed copper conductor, PVC insulated.
  • Voltage: 300/500 V, 450/750 V.
  • Core Color: Red, brown, green, yellow/green, black, blue, yellow.
  • Size: 4.0/6.0mm².
  • Voltage Rating: 300/500v, 450/750v.
  • Insulation: PVC (green and yellow).
  • Protection: UV/Ozone/Hydrolysis Resistance.
  • Outlet thread: 6,1/7,2 mm.
  • Resistance Max.: 4,75/3,39 OHM/Km.
  • Current Carrying Capacity: 55/70 Amps.
Technical Specifications
Core Conductor: Tinned annealed copper(stranded core).
Popular Sizes: One core, 18 AWG a 4/0 AWG.
Cable Conductor: Stranded tinned annealed copper.
Insulation: Electron-beam cross-linked Polyolefin(XLPE).
Jacket: XLPE(black, red).
Nominal Volvatage: Uo/U = 600/1000VAC, 1000/1800VDC.
Test Voltage: 6500V, 50Hz, 5Min.
Temperature Rating: -45ºC hasta 125ºC.
Ambient Temperature: 25 years (-40ºC hasta 90ºC).
Max Short Circuit: 280ºC.
Fire Performance: UL1581 VW-1.
Approval: UL4703.
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