Sunenergy System

Bus bars

Bus bars connectors are composed of highly flexible braided copper tapes or braided copper cables, made with high purity uncoated or tinned annealed copper wires and cold pressed at both ends forming the terminals.

These types of connections are mainly used for grounding or lightning conduction, as well as for industrial current transfer applications in transformers, main switches, etc.

Characteristics of the bus bars:

  • Copper Purity: ≥99.9%. 
  • Diameter of the copper wires: 0.20mm; 0.15mm (standard); 0.10mm; 0.05mm (according to customer’s requirement).
  • Wire surface treatment: uncoated or tinned. 
  • Seamless cold pressed. 
  • Surface treatment of contact areas: uncoated, silver or tin plated.
  • Insulation of the flexible part with shrinkable insulating tube.
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