Sunenergy System


These photovoltaic cables are used in solar power generation, stably interconnecting solar panels and electrical components to the photovoltaic system. Thanks to their double insulation, they are resistant to extreme outdoor environments, ultraviolet (UV), and hydrolysis, reducing the cost of maintenance, in addition to being free of halogens and flame retardants.

Their dimensions range from 1.5mm² to 120mm² and they are certified by ROHS, CE, TUV and TUV 2PFG 1169/08.2007 PVI-F.

Technical Specifications
Conductor: Tinned fine Re copper strands,according to VDE0295/IEC60228. Class5.
Insulation: Polyolefin Copolymer electron-beam cross-linked.
Sheath Jacket: Polyolefin Copolymer electron-beam cross-linked.
Nominal Voltage: Uo/U=600V/1000VAC, 1000/1800VDC.
Test voltage: 6500V, 50Hz, 5Min.
Temperature Rating: -40ªC a 125ºC.
Fire Performance: IEO 60332-1.
Smoke Emission: IEC 61034, EN 50268-2.
Low Fire Load: DIN 51 900.
Certification: TUV 2PFG 1169/08.2007 PVI-F.

Size and dimensions

Their dimensions range from 2*1.5mm2 to 2*6mm2.

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